TAKE A LISTEN: Take A Moment To Listen To Artist 'Enoch 7tH prophets' latest project "Sonic Gods" Now Available On Apple Music.

Posted By: Admin On February 1st, 2018.

Chakra Music, LLC announced the latest release of their 10th solo album "Sonic Gods" featuring artist "Enoch 7th Prophet" this past January and is now available for streaming and download on most popular music platforms.

"Sonic Gods" is more of a concept of being transparent and allowing the texture of the music that's the driving force behind the lyrical approach to give the listener a vivid insight into the mind of the artist.

This album is Hip-hop with a more edgy appeal. Enoch 7th Prophet links up again with New Jersey producer "DJ Priority" to give the bonafide Hip-Hop junkie that raw, uncut feeling.

"Sonic Gods" released this past January and can now be purchased here on Apple Music.

Chakra Music LLC is dedicated to focusing on releasing great music, content and dope shows. "To be vulnerable is a very scary thought when it comes to my writing process, but then to be transparent within the emotions of my thoughts are very liberating" – Enoch 7th Prophet.

Take a listen to Enoch 7th Prophets' other projects available for stream on Soundcloud.

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